To quote Game of Thrones, “winter is coming”! While some people may be feeling down about the end of the blue skies and sunshine (or slightly warm rain) there’s still lots of good stuff to celebrate over the colder months and a lot of it can be enhanced in unexpected ways with a minimum of fuss and expense by hiring a magician.


If you’re having a Halloween party why not add some magic to the witchcraft and wizardry. Eerie tricks and spooky stories will compliment the evening or if you’re brave and have a strong stomach maybe add some freaky sideshow stunts and witness fire-eating, glass-walking, knife-throwing, razor-blade-swallowing and other grotesque physical stunts.

Bonfire Night

You might not think having a magician at a bonfire or fireworks event makes much sense… and you’d be right! Unless that magician is also a fire-performer like me! I can get the crowd warmed up better than any bonfire as I breathe huge fire balls as well as juggling and eating flames and demonstrating my physical tolerance of fire. If you’re having a party after the fireworks I can then mix and mingle with your guests and show them even more eye candy with my amazing magic and sleight of hand.


This is the big one! Most people will go to at least one Christmas party and they can be incredibly varied, from lavish corporate functions to intimate house parties but magic is versatile enough to suit them all. Whether it’s close-up magic to break the ice at a drinks reception, or keep people occupied between the courses of a festive meal or even a cabaret show to delight everyone before the dancing starts, magic can elevate your event to more than ‘just another Christmas party’ and ensure you get the deserved plaudits for being a party genius.

New Year

Another big excuse for a party is New Year’s Eve and, as with Christmas, magic can add the wow factor to any type of end-of-year shenanigans. However, New Year’s Day itself is usually more of a family day where people might go out for a meal to spend some quality time with their nearest and dearest so if you manage a restaurant, gastro-pub, hotel or other eatery it is definitely worthwhile having something there that can entertain all ages, and guess what, magic is ideal! A versatile and experienced magician can entertain anyone from toddlers to grandparents from the over-excited to the hung-over! Having a magician will also set you apart from other establishments and ensure customers have a memorable time that they’ll tell their friends about and post on social media #winning!

Valentines Day

Okay I’ll be honest about this, Valentines Day is probably not the ideal time to have a magician. However, if you are looking to celebrate this amorous date with something a bit less serious and smoochy I have an array of romantic tricks that would be perfect. So if you run a venue where couples might come on Valentine’s Day but won’t be busy declaring undying love, staring into each other’s eyes and hiding rings in champagne glasses, or if you’re organising a singles event that needs an ice-breaker, I have material that would be ideal!

Can you think of any other autumn or winter events that would benefit from having a magician? Or do you think having a magician is a bad idea? Let me know in the comments and as always please like and share. Finally, remember: there is nothing wrong with sobriety in moderation (John Ciardi)

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