Magicians trying to do romance can often come across as cheesy, or even sleazy if they look like they are trying to charm someone themselves! However, there are some routines that really can create the mood for love. Here are my top five.

Two Become One

Not just my favourite Spice Girls song but also a great magic trick to perform on couples! There are a few different versions but the general plot is the same: a random card is selected and signed by one member of the happy couple then returned to the deck. The other person picks, signs and returns a different card. Each person finds the other’s card by magically reversing it in the deck. So far, so average right? But here’s the beautiful moment. The two separate signed cards are placed between the hands of the couple as they are told to think about the strong unbreakable bond of true love and when they open their hands the two cards have become one, together forever.

I Feel It, You Feel It

One person from a couple is told to close their eyes and really try to remember the moment they knew they were in love, to really picture it vividly in their mind, to feel the bond they felt right in that moment. The magician then touches the other person (appropriately! This isn’t a #MeToo moment!), for example, twice on their nose. The magician then gets the first participant to open their eyes and asks if they felt like somebody touch them. They say they were touched twice on the nose even though the magician never came near them illustrating the strength of the bond between the couple, they both feel what the other feels.

Kissing Cards

Another signed card routine. A card is selected and signed by a spectator before being folded up and placed between their lips. A second card is selected and signed by their partner before being folded up and placed between their lips. The couple are asked to hold hands and gaze into each other’s eyes before slowly moving together and gently touching their cards together. They then remove and unfold the card in their lips to find that the two cards have magically switched places.

Hearts Coming Together

Yet another card routine, who would have thought playing cards were so romantic! The happy couple pick one of the heart cards, the four of hearts for example. The card is signed front and back and two of the heart shaped pips are initialled. The magician then slowly, visually and impossibly slides one of the initialled hearts all the way across the card to join the other and the couple gets to keep the card as a souvenir.

Phoenix Rose

This is my personal favourite and the only stage routine on this list. A magician is joined by a spectator and folds an examined piece of paper into a rose shape before laying it onto their palm. The paper rose slowly stands itself up on the magician’s hand before floating up into the air. The paper is set alight and the paper rose becomes a real rose which is handed to the spectator to keep.

If you have an occasion coming up which would benefit from some magic and a little romance, such as a wedding or anniversary, please get in touch. As always please feel free to comment, like and share, and remember: before you marry someone you should make them use a computer with slow internet to see who they REALLY are!

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