Hiring a quality professional magician costs hundreds of pounds which may seem expensive for a performance that might only last an hour but if you want your party, wedding, corporate function or event to be memorable it really is a worthwhile investment. Here’s why…

More bang for your buck

A DJ or some kind of music is essential at pretty much every type of event but your guests aren’t going to remember what songs they played for years afterwards. You can hire a good magician for a similar price and your guests will remember it for the rest of their lives! Other expenses you might incur are table decorations, sparkly dancefloor, photo booth and these are all great things to have but if you want to get value for money you could have someone performing impossible feats in an engaging and fun way, providing a great atmosphere for a similar price. I once went to a wedding where someone had paid nearly £1k for a balloon arch which people were only going to see for five seconds as they walked into the venue! That money could have been spent on entertainment which would have made everyone’s night (although if anyone had a pin handy the balloon arch could have literally provided plenty of BANG for their buck!).


When you hire a magician the hour or two that they are performing for isn’t what you are paying for. Good magicians have usually been honing their craft for years, even decades! They have also had to spend hours in the office making calls and sending emails to get gigs in the first place. All of this time spent is unpaid. They have also got expenses such as advertising, travel, rehearsal space, website, props (which can be REALLY expensive), magic books, and other resources (see my previous blog: How Do Magicians Learn Their Tricks) as well as insurance, PAT DBS and professional organisations such as Equity. When you take into account the amount of time that has actually been put into each gig, and the expenses that have racked up, charging a few hundred quid doesn’t seem that expensive at all. Oh and magicians have to live and provide for families, I’ve got three kids from five different women!

Cheap Magicians

I may be shooting myself in the foot here but I’ll be honest, there are cheap magicians out there. However, the old adage is true: buy cheap – buy twice or in this case: buy cheap – have a lacklustre event where you don’t get good value and even more people will decide that they don’t like magicians and that you aren’t a fun person who is able to put on a good event (that versions not quite as catchy though). If you get a cheap magician the chances are they either aren’t a full time professional so haven’t had the time to put into perfecting really amazing tricks and creating presentations that really entertain and connect with people (for more thoughts on this see my blog Amateur vs Professional), or they aren’t very experienced and won’t be used to performing in real-life situations to real-life people where unexpected and unpredictable things happen. You could get lucky and find someone great but the chances are you’ll get someone who takes value away from your event rather than adds it.

If you’d like to hire a magician who isn’t cheap but offers a premium quality service for a reasonable price and amazing value for money…. then Google it! Or I suppose you could get in touch with me and I could try and squeeze you in, since it’s you! As always please feel free to comment, like and share, and remember: it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it… unless you’re talking about Ebola!




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