The restaurant business is incredibly competitive. Every town has an array of eateries fighting to flourish or even just survive! If you are a restaurant owner or manager and you’d like to stand out from the crowd, having a resident restaurant magician perform around the tables once a week or once a fortnight is the perfect way to do this. Here’s six reasons why:

  1. Magic is currently very popular

Do you watch Britain’s Got Talent? Of the 11 acts in the final five were magicians. And you should see how many hits magic videos get on YouTube! People want to see magic and even though TV/online magic is great, the live experience is something else! If you have a good magician performing at your restaurant on a regular basis it wouldn’t take long for word to spread that something amazing is happening at your establishment, it happens right under their noses, and they can be a part of it for the price of a meal!

  1. Magic isn’t intrusive

If you decide that you’d like entertainment at your restaurant it’s likely to be music or comedy. These forms of entertainment can be great, but they are something that has to be experienced by everyone. If the music or comedy isn’t to a customer’s taste, or they weren’t expecting it, that could ruin their whole restaurant experience. However, with close-up magic if a particular group doesn’t want to see magic they don’t have to. This means you can have entertainment that most people will love without worrying about driving away the people who just want to have a quiet meal.

  1. Magic gives you a competitive advantage

To compete in a saturated market you have to offer something that no one else in your catchment area is offering; free premium quality magic can be that thing and once people have seen it they always want to see more! A resident magician performing regularly generates amazing word of mouth and repeat custom as your usual customers tell their friends and post on social media about the amazing evening they’ve experienced then come back with more people to share the experience with their friends and family increasing your overall footfall.

  1. Magic is Versatile

Close-up magic performances can be moulded to suit the audience so if you have a loud lively establishment the performance can be used to encourage cheers, laughter and applause to add to that atmosphere, if you have a more quiet, intimate restaurant the magic can be presented in a more sophisticated and understated manner. Also, if you own a venue more suited for families magic is great for kids who will strongly encourage their parents to go back there repeatedly so they can see more!

  1. Magic makes time fly

If your restaurant is busy you might think you don’t need a magician but you do. If a customer is told they have to wait for a table they will probably walk out, but if they are shown to the bar and told a magician will be along shortly there is more chance that they will stay and their wait will be a pleasant and seemingly short one. Also if there is a delay in the kitchen a close-up magician can be on hand to keep customers happy during the wait for their food making their whole experience a smooth and happy one.

  1. Make your quiet day your busiest day

The restaurants I have worked with usually book a restaurant magician at times when it’s a little quiet in an effort to encourage more custom. When this is marketed correctly I have seen these quiet times become the busiest time for the restaurant as people come in specifically to experience ‘Magic Night’ or ‘Family Sunday’.

Having a resident restaurant magician is a cost-effective way to make your business stand out from the crowd and offer your customers a memorable experience which they will be dying to tell other people about. Obviously you have to pick the right magician so if you’d like a sample of what I offer please get in touch.

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