Whether it’s a formal wedding or a modern contemporary celebration make your big day even more magical with a wedding magician.

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Close-Up Magic During Photographs

Fill that lull between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast while the photos are being taken. Not everyone will be involved with the photos so while they’re waiting why not keep them amazed with a friendly, fun wedding magician.

Table Magic While You Eat

Even when the seating arrangements have been planned meticulously guests can still find themselves sat at a table with people they don’t really know. Break the ice with some incredible magic which will have all ages laughing, cheering then talking long afterwards. Scoop also does a special trick especially for the happy couple, leaving them with an impossible souvenir.

Walkaround Magic at the Reception

The speeches are done, your evening guests start to arrive. Help everyone get into the party spirit and fill the gap before everyone hits the dancefloor by treating them to some laughs of joy and surprise as Scoop makes the impossible happen right under their noses.

Stage Magic at the Reception

Another option for the reception is Scoop’s stage show: a mix of illusions, juggling, mind-control and danger which has been performed at theatres, attractions and events all over the UK. Members of the audience will become stars of the show and everyone will have a shared, amazing experience.