Maybe you’ve seen freaky magicians before and you liked it but now you want something similar but a bit more unusual, Scoop has got that covered.

Sick Close-Up Magic

Squeals of horror and delight will ring out through your event as your guests witness magical surprises and horrifying feats right in front of them. As with all close-up magic this can be performed mixing and mingling or table-hopping with no set up or performance area required.


Ever wanted to witness someone hammering nails up their nose? How about stopping their pulse, or shoving needles through their arm? If you have then you’re sick…and Scoop has got just the show for you! This 45 minute show is not for the faint of heart as Scoop pushes his body to its limits and beyond for your entertainment, featuring sick stunts that will have your hands covering your eyes and your heart in your mouth.

Mystery Room

Your guests are given tickets for a specific time-slot in a secluded area where a small group at a time will experience an eerie 20 minutes they will never forget. Intricate gambling cons, impossible illusions and freaky physical stunts are just some of the things that await in the mystery room. When they leave they are given strict instructions not to divulge any of what they witness and to take their experience to the grave… or at least wait until everyone’s seen the show!

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