If you are organising an event such as a wedding, Christening, corporate event or party and you are on a budget you might be tempted to save money by hiring an amateur magician instead of splashing out on a professional. I’d like to explain why this is an unwise gamble.

Live entertainment is an essential element if you want your event to be something other than just another day or night out. Good food and drink is important but it will be the entertainment that creates the atmosphere and the memories for your guests. Magic is one of the few forms of entertainment that absolutely amazes audiences as well as making them laugh and getting everybody really talking, whether they know each other or not!

There are plenty of amateur or semi-professional magicians out there who might do the occasional gig for a relatively low price and there are professional magicians who would do it for a higher price. So why should you spend more for the professional? Well the main difference between an amateur and a professional magician is that an amateur does different tricks for the same audience while a professional does the same tricks for different audiences. This means that an amateur might know loads of really great tricks and be able to do them really well but a professional will have honed his tricks to absolute perfection and will know how to perform them to maximum effect for every different type of audience. With magic the trick is just the beginning, it’s the presentation that really counts and you can only perfect the presentation and make it as entertaining as possible by performing it lots of times to lots of different people. The best way to do that is by being a professional.

A full-time professional relies on magic to keep a roof over their head (not literally, they’ve probably got walls holding the roof up like everyone else) so they will have spent time elevating their tricks from just being an amusing puzzle to being a magical piece of theatre complete with humour, drama and suspense. They will also perform regularly at a wide variety of events for an even wider variety of people so they will be able to deal with difficult audience members such as drunks, hecklers, rude people and even…. children! A professional will have learned how to win these people over and ensure that by the end of their set even the difficult people are laughing, cheering and enjoying the performance. As well as difficult people they will also know how to deal with any unexpected situations that arise such as everyone being cramped inside because the weather’s so bad you can’t have the garden party you planned. Or maybe everyone ends up unexpectedly sat at one long table instead of on separate tables. Or, heaven forbid, not many people turn up to the event and the magician has to perform close-up magic for two hours to just ten people! A professional magician will have the knowledge, confidence and experience to deal with any situation.

Another reason you should hire a professional magician rather than an amateur is reliability. A professional magician relies on word of mouth and good reviews to get jobs and make a living so they are very motivated to turn up on time, dress and behave professionally and do a great job with the minimum amount of hassle for the organiser. As they perform week-in-week-out they know how long they’ll need to set up, exactly what they need to bring with them and they will have checked every detail beforehand so everything runs as smoothly as possible. They will have an organised routine that they do for every gig that ensures there are no problems and nothing is forgotten. An amateur might be really organised and have all the best intentions but without the experience you can’t always get it right and there is a greater chance of problems along the way.

High quality entertainment can make an otherwise average event brilliant. Similarly, low quality entertainment can make an otherwise brilliant event average. If you want your guests to have a great time and remember your event for all the right reasons and if you want the entertainment to run smoothly and be stress-free you need to hire a professional. Obviously this is where I point out that I’m a professional magician (isn’t that a surprise!) and guess what… I’ve got loads of experience entertaining at corporate events, weddings, Christenings, parties and all kinds of events and attractions all over the UK and beyond. If you have read this far then I’m guessing you are organising an event so you should probably get in touch on the contact details below. If you can think of any other reasons it is preferable to hire a professional rather than an amateur, or if you have any counter-arguments please leave them in the comments. As always please feel free to like and share and remember, never trust an atom, they make up everything!




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