Since my last blog I’ve had a fairly busy Halloween period and finished off the holiday park season. From then I’ve been enjoying the ‘calm before the storm’, the lull before the mad busy Christmas period, but I’ve still been out and about performing at weddings, parties and corporate functions so thanks to everyone who’s booked me and all the lovely people I’ve performed for.

As it has been a relatively quiet few weeks I haven’t got that much to blog about so, since Christmas is approaching, I’m going to indulge in some shameless self-promotion and tell you five reasons why you should book a magician (preferably me!) for your Christmas party, whether it’s a work’s do or a family get together:

  1. It’s the perfect ice-breaker. Whether it’s a corporate event or a house-party there will probably be some people there who don’t know each other that well. Having a magician provides a talking point to start conversations between even the most unfamiliar people.
  2. Suitable for all ages. Other forms of entertainment generally cater to a specific age group whereas a good magician can entertain everyone. Whether you’re a pensioner, middle aged, young adult or even a child, everyone can enjoy witnessing something impossible while also having a few laughs.
  3. Everyone gets involved. Magic is interactive entertainment especially when it’s done close-up. Even my stage show is as interactive as possible with people involved onstage and lots of audience participation.
  4. Lifelong memories. When magic is done well it will leave a memory that will last a lifetime. People will certainly still be talking about it days, weeks or even months after the party.
  5. Value for money. To get entertainment that will get people talking and having a good time, that will put smiles on both wrinkled and smooth faces, that will get everyone involved and leave them with amazing memories it only costs about the same as a good DJ or singer.

I’ve actually left this blog a little late but if you are planning a Christmas party I still have some dates free and would love to come and create some magical Christmas memories for you. I can perform close-up round at tables during a Christmas meal, mingling during a drinks reception or party or even on stage with my Christmas cabaret show (I actually make it snow!). If you are interested please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the contact page on my website. Thanks for reading have a very merry Christmas and an amazing New Year.