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What Makes A Great Magic Show?

There are many many magicians performing in the UK and across the world; from big [...]

Why Don’t People Like Magic?

Occasionally when I’m performing I’ll approach a table or a group of people only for [...]

Why Wedding Magic?

When organising a wedding a lot of people put entertainment pretty low on their list [...]

Scoop’s Most Unforgettable Gigs – Part 2: Being Established

The first instalment of this blog covered the most memorable ups and downs that happened [...]

Scoop’s Most Unforgettable Gigs – Part 1: Paying My Dues

When you work in entertainment every gig is something special and different but there are [...]

The Magic of Christmas

Since my last blog I’ve had a fairly busy Halloween period and finished off the [...]

Most Inspirational Magicians

Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog, it’s been a mad busy few [...]

TV Appearances

It’s been a busy few weeks with all kind of gigs all over the place [...]

My first Blog!

Well here it is my first attempt at blogging! There’s lots that I could blabber [...]

Magic Documentry

Scoop being interviewed on the Magic dying art.