When organising a wedding a lot of people put entertainment pretty low on their list of priorities but it’s the entertainment that will provide the right atmosphere for your day. Obviously the first priorities are getting the right venue and the right dress (and hopefully the right partner!) but the entertainment will be much more instrumental in making your big day a success than say the food, or a fancy car. Here’s five reasons why you should book a magician (preferably me!) for your wedding.

  • Ice-breaker

At a wedding there’s usually people there who don’t know each other and having something to oil the wheels of conversation will help everyone relax. Magic provides that talking point so even the most unfamiliar strangers can exchange details about what tricks they saw, speculate about how it was done and talk about other magic they’ve seen. It also gets everyone laughing, cheering, clapping and generally more relaxed and creates a happy atmosphere.

  • No Dead Time

There will be times during the day when very little is happening. The most common time that I get booked for is between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast when the happy couple is usually having photos taken. There is also the gap between the breakfast and the start of the evening reception. Close-up magic is ideal for these situations as it can be done virtually anywhere, it doesn’t need a specific performance area where everyone sits and watches, it doesn’t take up any space or have to be set up in advance. I just approach people while they’re having a drink and a chat and show them impossible feats. Everyone gets involved and what is usually the boring bit of a wedding becomes one of its main talking points. I also regularly perform my cabaret show at the beginning of the evening reception before the dancing starts, this ensures that even the evening guests get to see something amazing while they are getting into the party spirit.

  • Everyone is Entertained

Whatever the age, background, personality or tastes of your guests everyone can enjoy magic; especially when it is performed with a fun, light-hearted presentation that will keep people amused as well as amazed! Even on the rare occasions when someone says, “oh, I don’t like magicians” I show them one quick trick and they ALWAYS want to see more. I have performed for all kinds of different audiences (see my previous two blogs exploring my most memorable gigs) so whether you book me for close-up magic, my cabaret show or both I have material that will entertain anyone and everyone.

  • Great Photos

There’s the usual posed wedding photos of family and friends but when you look back you’ll want to see your guests relaxed and laughing. Magic provides these moments as well as great reaction shots of people awestruck, shocked and bamboozled.

  • Magical Memories

Most people have never seen a magician perform live, especially not right up close. Seeing something unexplainable, whilst also having a great laugh, stays with people for a very long time, often for the rest of their lives. This ensures that your wedding will be remembered and talked about for years to come and will stand out from the other weddings that people have been to.

If you would like to book an experienced and versatile professional magician for your big day I’d be happy to entertain you and your guests, either with my close-up magic or my cabaret show. I perform all over the UK so even if you are not in the North West please feel free to get in touch on the contact details below. Also, please share this blog or comment with your own wedding magician experiences or any of your thoughts. Thanks for reading.




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