Everyone wants their big day to be as amazing as possible and will spend fortunes on the right seat covers, table decorations, balloons and all kinds of other things but the thing that will really make the day memorable (apart from the smiles on the happy couple’s faces) is the entertainment.

When you and your guests look back in years to come hardly anyone will remember the centre pieces or what sweets were available at the cart, they will remember the experiences and fun that made the day amazing. The entertainment is central to those experiences. Having a good DJ is vital but even the best DJ will be forgotten soon afterwards. If you look back at all the weddings you’ve been to can you remember what the DJ played? Was the chocolate fountain the highlight of the day? Probably not. Below are my top five tips for having an amazing wedding without breaking the bank and don’t forget to visit my wedding section to find out more about the exciting, fun and unique wedding entertainment I offer.

  1. Don’t leave it until the last minute.

If you leave booking your entertainment until the last minute the chances are you will end up with a below par performer. The best performers usually get booked up months in advance and if you leave it to the last minute the chances are you won’t have enough left in your budget to afford a high quality act.

  1. Is it necessary?

Take a look at what you’ve planned for your wedding and ask yourself if it’s really necessary. Is that photo booth going to help things run smoothly? Will that sweet cart fill the dead time while you’re having photos done? Sometimes people get things for their wedding just because they feel like that’s what’s expected. Make sure you prioritise what will REALLY make your day special.

  1. Do your research

Don’t just book the first thing you see at the first wedding fair you attend. There are all kinds of packages and discounts offered by different suppliers and different venues. For example I could do just close-up magic or I could do close-up magic and a big show. Also, when it comes to entertainment make sure they have plenty of five star reviews, social media likes, photos and videos. An experienced, quality professional will have these in spades not just one or two,

  1. Limit your day guests

One of the biggest wedding expenses is catering for all your day guests. I know it may be hard drawing a line in the sand and prioritising some friends and family members over others but with the money you save on day guests you can have some spectacular evening entertainment so everyone will benefit.

  1. Spread the cost

If you book in advance that gives you time to spread the cost and make it more manageable, personally I’m happy to take monthly payments if it helps. So if you’ve prioritised the things you REALLY want there should be very little reason that you can’t have the wedding of your dreams.

Do you agree with my tips? Can you think of other ways couples can have an amazing wedding without breaking the bank? Let me know in the comments. As always please feel free to like and share, and remember: marriage has no guarantees; if that’s what you’re looking for go live with a car battery!




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