There are all kinds of different magic out there, suitable for all kinds of different audiences and situations so here’s a quick outline of what I offer.

Close-Up Magic:

I can entertain you and your guests up-close and personally as I do tricks with small props such as lottery tickets and playing cards as well as items borrowed from the audience. Laughter and amazement are guaranteed as miracles happen right under people’s noses or even right in their hands. This is the perfect entertainment for a drinks reception or between the courses of a meal. I have been a full-time professional for 16 years performing at events of all types, all over the UK and beyond, so I have developed material suitable for all audiences and all ages.

Stage Show:

This is where I entertain you and all your guests at once with a spectacular 45 minute mix of illusions, comedy, sleight-of-hand, juggling, mind-control and danger. It is a show aimed at adults but it is suitable for all the family so all ages can enjoy the fun and magic. I am fully-insured and have my own PAT certified portable PA so all that is needed is a performance area. I can also provide stage lighting for an extra charge. There is lots of audience participation so the show is ideal for weddings and corporate events as well as holiday parks.

Parlour Show:

A Parlour show sits between close-up magic and a stage show. It is a 45 minute show which uses smaller props so that it can be performed in more intimate venues but the props are the only thing that are smaller, the wow factor and the laughs are still huge! It can also be split into three 15 minute acts so that it can be performed between courses at a meal, either at the table or in a designated performance space. This is ideal for a smaller party of about 20 people.


Ever wanted to witness someone hammering nails up their nose? How about stopping their pulse, or shoving needles through their arm? If you have then you’re sick…and I’ve got just the show for you! This 45 minute show is not for the faint of heart as I push my body to its limits and beyond for your entertainment, featuring sick stunts that will have your hands covering your eyes and your heart in your mouth. If you’re throwing a Halloween party this is the show you want!

Mystery Room:

Your guests are given tickets for a specific time-slot in a secluded area where a small group at a time will experience an eerie 20 minutes they will never forget. Intricate gambling cons, impossible illusions and freaky sideshow stunts are just some of the things that await in the mystery room. When they leave they are given strict instructions not to divulge any of what they witness and to take their experience to the grave… or at least wait until everyone’s seen the show! This has gone down brilliantly at corporate events but I think it could be great for weddings too.

Coming In 2019 – Impossibly Possible:

A 45 minute stage show that blurs the line between the possible and the impossible featuring scientific stunts, physical feats and mental meddling. More information will be announced in 2019.

So those are the types of performance I have in my repertoire but if you have something in mind that you don’t see above let me know and I’ll see if I can accommodate you or I’ll put you in touch with someone who can provide exactly what you want. As always please feel free to comment, like and share, and remember: it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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