Happy New Year! 2018 was great so first of all a massive thankyou to everyone who booked me or came to see me, without you there would be no me. But I hope to make 2019 even better! Here’s what I’ve got planned…

YouTube Project

This is something I’ve had at the back of my mind for years and it will finally come to fruition in 2019. Starting in June I will be releasing a monthly series of YouTube videos called ‘Real-Life Magic: Where the Mundane Meets the Magical’ (that’s the working title for now anyway). The concept is that the skills that magicians display at their performances aren’t really very useful in real-life; being able to find someone’s card or make a coin appear from behind their ear isn’t really going to help day-to-day. So me and my good friend Russ Erwood are going to demonstrate how a magician’s apparent abilities could be used in real-life. Can’t reach the jar on the top shelf? Just float up and grab it! Did your horse not win the Grand National? Transform your losing betting slip into the winning betting slip! It’s going to be fun.

Impossibly Possible

Again this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I will be putting together a show that blurs the line between what is possible and what is impossible. It will be a mix of physical feats, psychological stunts and scientific marvels which will have you wondering if what you saw was real or trickery.

Promo Video

I’ve been using the same promo video for nearly ten years now (I’ve got hair in it!) and even though I still do some of the material that features in the video I think my magic has come on a long way since it was made. That’s why in 2019 I will be putting together a new promo video that better reflects what I do now and the experience and quality that people now get when they book me.


Oh, and I’m marrying the most amazing woman I’ve ever met but you’re probably not interested in that! However, it does mean that I’m not available from 8th March – 2nd April as we’ll be on our honeymoon in Thailand.

Through 2019 I’ll still be doing the usual weddings, parties and corporate events as well as performances at holiday parks and attractions all over the UK so I’ll hope to see you at one of those. If you’d like more information on the above or if you have any other questions please feel free to drop me an email or give me a call. As always please feel free to like and share, and if you’re struggling with January remember: stressed is just desserts backwards!




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