I have been very lucky as I have managed to make a living by doing something that I LOVE and I highly recommend everyone give it a go, not necessarily being a magician but pursuing a career you enjoy and are passionate about. Here are the biggest reasons it is great to be a professional magician.

  • I Get Paid to Do My Hobby

Most magicians start magic just for the sheer pleasure of entertaining people. The fact that we start off willing to do this for free tells you how much we enjoy what we do. I can’t imagine many people start off doing accounts or stacking shelves just for fun! Admittedly when you go from being a hobbyist to being a professional a certain amount of working on your phone and laptop (like a ‘proper’ office job) comes into play but there is still enough of the learning and performing tricks to make it all worthwhile.

  • Travel

I travel all over the UK and in the past my work has taken me abroad too. My personal highlight was spending time in Lapland at Christmas but I enjoy almost every trip for various reasons, whether it’s seeing amazing scenery and landmarks, getting to do activities in great locations (particularly a lot of surfing in Devon and Cornwall) or the joy of a late-night coffee and snack in a motorway services (maybe I’m a bit weird for enjoying this but I really do!). Some of my magic friends work on cruise-ships and tour the world, this isn’t really an option for me as I prefer not to leave my family but I do have enough income, flexibility and spare time to go on little trips abroad quite regularly as well as the occasional big trip. Even without this though there is enough great stuff in the UK to easily keep me occupied and I get to experience it all as part of my work.


  • Variety

Every job is different. Just last week I did two completely different shows at rather large holiday park venues, close-up magic in a hotel restaurant for a golden wedding anniversary and an intimate show for pensioners at a bowls club. And they were all fun! One day I could be rubbing shoulders with celebrities in a big swanky corporate venue then the next be performing in someone’s living room at a rowdy 21st birthday party! I can’t think of many other jobs that offer such completely different experiences from day to day.

  • Charity

I’ve occasionally found myself in a position to raise money and awareness, and generally help, causes which are close to my heart. Whether it’s performing at fundraisers, doing challenges (such as the London Marathon or Three Peaks Challenge) or entertaining people who are in need.

  • Parties

I spend a lot of time working at various types of party but there are also rare occasions when I actually get invited to parties as a guest, or I might even manage a night on the town (rare because they’re usually on weekends and I’m usually working on weekends. I’ll talk more about this in my next blog, ‘What ISN’T Great About Being a Professional Magician)! There have been plenty of times when I’ve turned up to a party knowing nobody there (I used to end up in a lot of random situations in my 20s!) but thanks to my experience in entertainment, and my ability to do impromptu magic, I could be the life and soul of the party in about twenty minutes. I think it helps that most people haven’t met a professional magician before, other than maybe having one perform for them at an event, and a chance to quiz one about a seemingly unusual and interesting life choice while at the same time witnessing some unexpected tricks is a great bonus.

  • People

The above benefits of being a professional magician are all great but by far the BEST thing about being a professional magician is the people I get to meet. Every week I get to go out and meet lovely people from all kinds of different backgrounds. Whether it’s the brilliant and talented performers that I get to perform alongside, the friendly and energetic venue staff who seem to work their blood to water but are still always smiling and chatty, to the fantastic audiences who put up with my antics, clap, cheer and even ooooh at all the right places then amaze me with their stories when we meet after my performance.

So that’s what I think are the best things about being a professional magician. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments as well as liking and sharing this blog. Also, if you’d like to book an enthusiastic and passionate performer for your event please get in touch on the contact details below. Thanks for reading.




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