If you are getting married you should really consider booking a professional close-up magician to entertain your guests (for my list of reasons take a look at https://www.scoopmagic.co.uk/why-wedding-magic/) but when should you have it? Here are the parts of your big day that would benefit from a wedding magician.


The posed photos are usually taken between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast. They usually only involve the immediate family of the happy couple, and even then only for a short while, before the newlyweds have lots of photos with just the two of them. This leaves everyone else just cooling their heels and waiting to be fed while trying to make conversation with people they hardly know. This is where close-up magic comes into its own! A mingling magician can approach people in groups and keep all ages entertained while giving everyone something to talk about. I get more wedding magic bookings for this part of the day than any other.

Wedding Breakfast

No matter how much you work on your table plan there will still be people sat together who don’t know each other. Table magic works well in these situations as the magician moves from table to table performing a small show that everyone can be involved in. Different magicians have different approaches but I try to amuse as well as amaze so even if they’re not a fan of magic there is still something for them to enjoy. It also helps create a nice lively atmosphere without going over the top.

The Lull

There is always a gap between the end of the breakfast and the beginning of the evening reception, a time that can be very boring and quite often people head off to their rooms or go their separate ways for a while. Close-up magic can make sure that the energy levels stay high and the party keeps on rolling. I quite often get asked to stay on and perform for the evening guests as well, this certainly helps keep everyone entertained while they are having their first few drinks and getting ready to hit the dancefloor.


This is probably the least popular option as by the evening the DJ or band are usually taking over and that can make things very difficult for a magician, it gets very loud and a lot of people just want to dance. However, it can work if the timing or location is right. If I finish before the first dance or if there is a separate, more chilled out room it can be a great way to make your wedding even more magical and memorable.

I’m sure you will have your own plan in mind already but if you’d like to discuss options for your wedding please feel free to get in touch on the contact details below. Also, if you have been to a wedding where there was a magician did they perform at a different time? How did it go down? Please let me know in the comments. As always, please feel free to like and share and remember: hearts are wild creatures, that’s why our ribs are cages!




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