When I introduce myself as a magician I always get asked about the magic circle. Is it real? Am I a member? What will they do if I reveal magical secrets? So, to answer those questions: yes it’s real, no I’m not a member and they’ll do absolutely nothing if I reveal secrets… but I still won’t!

The Magic Circle have done a great job of self-promotion, so much so that muggles (or no-majes for any transatlantic readers) believe that to be a professional magician you HAVE to be part of the magic circle. Let me clarify this now: the Magic Circle is just a magic club. There are thousands of magic clubs across the country. The Magic Circle may be the oldest and most prestigious magic club but that is no guarantee that all of its members are high quality magicians. A large proportion of its members are amateurs, who are probably great at entertaining their friends but would be completely out of their depth performing at your average corporate event. Prince Charles is even a member and I doubt he gets many gigs!

I’m not a member of any magic club, although when people ask I often say I’m in The Magic Triangle. It’s so exclusive there’s only me and two other members and it’s so secretive I don’t even know who they are. They just take £100 out of my account every month and I get a certificate to say I’m a member. That’s obviously not true, although I am involved in a very exclusive and slightly (or should that be sleightly) secretive magic club but I’m not exactly a member. But for me being a member of The Magic Circle would be as pointless as the fictional magic triangle. The advertised ‘benefits’ are:

The Magic Circle Headquarters – Club room, Library, Devant Room and Theatre.

These all sound lovely but I don’t live in London so I’d never use them.

Exclusive Magazine

There are plenty of magic magazines out there including my favourite, Vanish, which is free… and I still hardly get chance to read it!


Again, I don’t live in London so I’d never attend them. Plus, the same people lecture at magic clubs and conventions all over the UK with no need to be a member of a club to see them.

The Magic Circle Email Address

I’ve already got four email addresses thanks.

As far as I can tell the only benefit that might be useful to me is that people believe being a member of The Magic Circle is somehow prestigious and a guarantee of quality so that might get me one or two more bookings a year. However, I know that once people see what I do and chat with me they realise they are in the hands of a quality professional anyway, whether I’m part of The Circle or not. Plus, I have actually done a couple of shows for The Magic Circle without actually being a member so having that in my list of achievements is usually enough.

I hope nobody thinks that this is in anyway a dig at The Magic Circle, it really isn’t. I’m sure their facilities and everything they provide are brilliant and if I lived in London maybe I’d be tempted to become a member but as things are I just don’t see the point. However, if anyone would like to persuade me you are welcome to comment or if you think my decision is a good one please let me know. Also, as ever, feel free to like and share and remember: don’t lick the bowl, flush it like a normal person!




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