Having a close-up magician at weddings is becoming increasingly popular as it is the ideal versatile family entertainment. It also solves four BIG wedding problems:

Conversation with Strangers

Usually a wedding brings together a variety of people from different areas of a couple’s life: family members, work colleagues, old friends… and they probably won’t all know each other. To avoid people separating off into factions, and to prevent people from feeling awkward, it is important to have an ice-breaker. Magic doesn’t just break the ice, it demolishes it! Everyone can talk about what they’ve seen which usually leads to conversations about other magicians and shows and from there they are chatting for the rest of the day. Personally, during my performances, I do everything I can to get everyone talking to each other and to bring different groups of people together so that by the time I’m done everyone is celebrating together rather than in their own little comfort zones.

Dead Time

A wedding can be a long day and for significant chunks of it there isn’t much happening for the guests. One of those times is between the ceremony and the breakfast when the happy couple is usually off having their photos taken. If there is nothing in this gap some people might fill it with drinking, which isn’t always ideal, or they might wonder off or just get bored. Either way there isn’t going to be the desired happy, celebratory atmosphere. Also, the bride and groom (or bride and bride or groom and groom) shouldn’t feel like they need to rush through their photos and get back to keeping their guests occupied as quickly as possible, they should be free to get the best photos possible in their own time.

There is also the gap between the breakfast and the evening reception while the room gets turned around and the evening guests start to arrive. Close-up magic is ideal for filling these gaps as it doesn’t require a specific space so it can move wherever the guests move and it ensures that everyone gets to witness something unforgettable right under their noses. I focus on entertainment as much as magic so even if people aren’t magic fans they’ll still be enjoying the banter and jokes, and the applause, cheering and laughter that I create provides just the right lively atmosphere to make that dead time fly by.

Wide Age-Range

Weddings are usually attended by a wide age-range of people, from grand children to great-great grandparents! I can’t think of any type of entertainment which can cater to all those people apart from magic. A string quartet isn’t going to interest a five-year-old and a bouncy castle isn’t going to keep Grandma occupied (well it might but have an ambulance on standby!) However, some magicians aren’t comfortable performing for kids whereas I started out performing at a theme park for all age groups and have a wide range of experience performing for all ages and all types of people.

The Unexpected

Couples spend months or even years planning every detail of their big day but the unexpected still happens. The photos take longer than expected, the food service is running behind, the DJ’s going to be late… Having a close-up magician on hand can turn an unexpected gap into an opportunity for more fun and excitement. I have enough material and I’m versatile enough to be able to fill any unexpected time with more tricks or even a little show so guests won’t even know that anything has gone wrong and the bride and groom are saved from any stress.

If you are interested in booking the perfect wedding entertainment why not take a look at my weddings page, or get in touch for a quote. As always please feel free to comment, like and share, and to quote Prince Phillip (who’s now my hero just for doing whatever it takes to get Brexit off the front pages, even crazy driving stunts): “When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.”




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