As well as my more ‘normal’ magic routines I have also mastered a plethora of physical feats and sideshow stunts to make you cringe and gasp. Here are my five favourites.

  1. Balloon Swallowing

Let’s start with something suitable for the kids… kind of. I inflate a modelling balloon (because swallowing an uninflated balloon would be a lot less impressive) which is about four feet long. I put my head back and place the end of the balloon in my mouth and proceed to ingest it, inch by inch, until it is completely swallowed. This is impressive for the audience but I get my own little encore a couple of hours after the show when it comes out of the other end in the shape of a poo-dle!

  1. Dying On Stage

Performers usually dread dying onstage but I take a more literal approach. I get a volunteer, preferably someone with medical training, to take my pulse and without the aid of a golf ball under my armpit (Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about) I make my pulse slow right down then stop. I only have a few minutes before brain damage sets in so I prove there’s no blood flowing through my body by ramming a large needle through my arm!

  1. Glass Walking…. With Added Weight

I get a volunteer to examine a pile of broken glass then I walk across it barefoot, which is pretty impressive in itself but it’s something a lot of people have already seen, so I up the ante. I get the volunteer to climb onto my back then give them a piggy back ride they will never forget across the broken glass which is hilarious and terrifying for the audience and bloody painful for me (emphasis on the bloody occasionally) but totally worth it.

  1. Fire Eating

The rest of the stunts on this list I only do if someone requests one of my ‘Freaky’ packages but fire-eating is something I do on a very regular basis in my cabaret show. I start with a fun fire juggling routine then run the flames up and down my body before sticking the fire in my mouth slowly closing my lips around it and eating the flame. I also like to do fire-breathing when the situation allows, spitting huge fireballs into the air always takes people’s breath away.

Honourable Mentions

Sick Ring On String – I swallow a ring then visibly penetrate the flesh of my throat with a cord before pulling it out with the ring attached.

Eating Razor Blades – I eat a couple of razor blades then some dental floss. I regurgitate the dental floss and the blades are tied onto it.

Arm Twist – I twist my arm in a way that’s impossible for the rest of the audience

  1. Nailed It

This routine needs three things: a hammer, a six-inch nail and my nose. And guess what happens… that’s right I hammer the six-inch nail right up my nose. I love this routine for a few reasons and not just because it really helps keep my sinuses clear. I love it because the props are small and easy to find but I could do this routine onstage to huge audiences or while mingling with people in a close-up situation, I can even do it over and over again if I like. I’ve even done this impromptu using a drinks stirrer as the nail and an empty bottle as the hammer. However, the best thing about this routine is the reaction of a volunteer as they slowly pull the nail halfway out of my nose… before pushing it back in!

Can you think of any other great freaky magic? What do you think about this style of performance? Let me know in the comments and as always please like and share. Finally, remember: you are unique… just like everyone else.

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