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Lancashire's Premier Speciality Magician

by Scoop on 26 Jun 2015

Scoop is a multi talented magician who provides cabaret, stage and close up magic and entertainment. His stage and cabaret performances combine conjuring with comedy, illusion, sleight of hand, juggling, fire performing and mind control. His close up magic makes the impossible happen right under people's noses, sometimes even right in their hands and can be performed either table-hopping or in a walk around, meet and greet situation. Unlike most magicians Scoop's performances are full of fun as well as being suitable for all ages so giggles and gasps are guaranteed from young and old.

Scoop performs all over the UK and beyond at holiday parks and attractions but is still available for weddings, trade shows, exhibitions, corporate events, product launches, PR Events, conferences, seminars, arena events, award ceremonies, wrap parties and for TV performances and consultation as well as magic tuition.

See his promo video below for an idea of what he provides but an actual performance is so much more, packed with amazement and amusement, suitable for massive crowds or intimate groups, young or old..

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Catch the Scoop

by Scoop on 03 Sep 2012

Scoop does numerous public performances as well as private events. For a full list of his availability get in touch through the 'Contact' page or you can witness his brand of amazing entertainment at the following public appearances (booking may be required):

04/03/17, Cabaret and Close Up, Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield
11/03/17, Cabaret, Honford Hall, Wilmslow
25/03/17, Medieval Banquet, Park Hall Hotel, Chorley
31/03/17, Cabaret, Brynowen, Borth
01/04/17, Cabaret, Makis Leisure, Bridlington
13/04/17, Cabaret, Far Grange, Driffield
16/04/17, Cabaret, Silver Sands, Lossiemouth
01/05/17, Cabaret, Berwick, Berwick upon Tweed
02/05/17, Cabaret, Haggerston Castle, Berwick upon Tweed
03/05/17, Cabaret, Seton Sands, Port Seton
04/05/17, Cabaret, Craig Tara, Ayr
07/05/17, Cabaret & Close Up, Big Sheep, Bideford
10/05/17, Cabaret, Lakeland, Grange over Sands
24/05/17, Cabaret, The Orchards, Clacton on Sea
29/05/17, Close up and Stage, Crich Tramway, Matlock
02/06/17, Close up and Stage, Crich Tramway, Matlock
03/06/17, Close up and Stage, Crich Tramway, Matlock
04/06/17, Close up and Stage, Crich Tramway, Matlock
08/06/17, Theatre Show, Theatre Royal, Wakefield
21/06/17, Cabaret, Quay West, New Quay
24/06/17, Medieval Entertainment, Conwy
25/06/17, Medieval Entertainment, Conwy
28/06/17, Cabaret, Caister on Sea, Great Yarmouth
01/07/17, Family Entertainment, Foster Park, Denholme
05/07/17, Cabaret, Cala Gran, Blackpool
12/07/17, Cabaret, Quay West, New Quay
14/07/17, Close Up, Cedar Court, Wakefield
16/07/17, Cabaret, Silver Sands, Lossiemouth
19/07/17, Cabaret, Hopton Sands, Great Yarmouth
09/08/17, Cabaret, Wild Duck, Great Yarmouth
16/08/17, Cabaret, The Orchards, Clacton on Sea
17/08/17, Cabaret, Makis Leisure, Bridlington
03/09/17, Family Entertainment, Woodlands Animal Sanctuary, Holmeswood
06/09/17, Cabaret, Wild Duck, Great Yarmouth
13/09/17, Cabaret, Kiln Park, Tenby
20/09/17, Cabaret, Thorpe Park, Humberston
25/09/17, Cabaret, Berwick, Berwick upon Tweed
26/09/17, Cabaret, Haggerston Castle, Berwick upon Tweed
22/10/17, Cabaret, Silver Sands, Lossiemouth
31/12/17, Close Up, Beech Hill Hotel, Windermere

Contact Scoop or venue for more details.

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Scoop's Magic Experiences

by Scoop on 03 Apr 2012

Scoop was resident jester at Camelot Theme Park and Park Hall Hotel in Lancashire for nine years performing for crowds ranging from small handfuls up to 3,000 people from small children to cocktail parties and everything in between. He has entertained the England, and Manchester City football teams as well as the stars of Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Hollyoaks and his performances have featured on programmes for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

Scoop has also worked all over the UK and beyond for companies such as Brittany Ferries, Hilton Hotels UK, Haven, Manchester United, O2 and HSBC alongside entertainers like pop star Ella Henderson, comedians Rob Brydon and Jason Manford and fellow magician Dynamo. He has even performed for The Magic Circle and produces and stars in his own theatre shows.

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Scoop is now on twitter

by Scoop on 03 Apr 2012

You can keep up to date with all your daily "SCOOP's" by following Paul Dawson on twitter.


P.S. See what we did there. "SCOOP's".

Scoop Magic

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